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'My living room' (2022)

Glue, cardboard, wood, bubble wrap, floor cloth, rope, iron wire, aluminum foil, aluminum paper, PVC, carpet, flower, acrylic paint, spray paint, oil paint, alkyd paint, wall paint, gouache, plastic film, plastic bucket, ceramic tile, ink, aloe vera, insulating foam, polyurethane foam, styrofoam, sand, paint tube, aerosol, plastic bottle, paper, plexiglass, duct tape, gloss varnish, tin, pencil, fake leather, paper tape, watercolor tape, hardboard, softboard, plastic bag, aluminum tape, sock, kitchen roll, plastic strips, paper handkerchief, vinyl floor, gum, staples, nails, screws, tree bark, plastic sheet, tin, clay, empty tape roll, chicken wire, rubber, insulation wool, rag, brush, pizza box, pastel, papyrus, brush , carbon paper, multi-purpose, bamboo, tape measure, metal rings, graphite, sunlight, water, garden hose, nylon, sandpaper, steel, pen, insulating tape, garbage bags, coins, cotton, linen, packet of Lucky Strikes, paper cup, paper bag, inkjet ink, cotton swab, plasticine, yarn

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